Terms and Conditions

Security Educational Systems offer the following types of Study Courses:

  1. Online Study Courses
  2. Self-Study Courses
  3. Class Attendance Courses

PSIRA Grades and Skills Development Training

  1. Course materials are NOT refundable after 7 (seven) days of purchases.
  2. Course material may NOT be transferred to any other person without the permission of Security Educational Systems cc. An additional fee of R150 will be charged in the event of course material being transferred to another person.
  3. Lost or Stolen course materials may be replaced at a cost of R300 per course applied for.
  4. Course(s) will be only valid for the period of 3 months (12 weeks) from the day of purchase: should you wish to write exams after the expired date; an additional fee will be charged.
  5. Additional submission fees will be charged for the submission reports to PSIRA, SASSETA, PFTC or any other Entity required.
  6. All study materials are COPY RIGHT protected; Please do not make copies of any of our study materials.


  1. Exam(s) may only be written on Security Educational Systems premises.
  2. Exam(s) date will be determined by Security Educational Systems cc. NO exams will be written without written confirmation.
  3. No Exams will be written without a completed Student Assignment / Formative Assessment; you will be refused an examination date and requested to make another appointment.
  4. Learners to adhere to the following:

Class and Examination Rules:

  1. All assignments must be completed in BLACK pen before you will be allowed to write your final
  2. All learners must be at the training centre at the agreed time.
  3. Smoking in the toilets, classrooms or passages are not
  4. Teatime and lunchtime will be kept according to the block program me and no food, bottles or sweets will be allowed into the lecture
  5. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises. If a student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the class he/she will be sent home.
  6. Unnecessary noise or loitering will not be allowed inside the
  7. Learners will not receive any phone calls unless it is for an
  8. No dangerous weapons will be allowed on the premises. (Firearms, knives, etc.)
  9. No fighting and/or swearing will be allowed on the
  10. Write your initials, surname, I.D. Number and Student Number (Book Number) in the designated space on your Examination
  11. Check your Examination Paper for missing pages and report this to the instructor before you commence writing.
  12. Questions may be answered either in English or
  13. You may not have any notes, books or any other reference material in your possession during the examination. Only paper supplied by the instructor may be
  14. You may not copy from another
  15. You may, not by any means whatsoever, communicate with any person except the instructor during the
  16. If you deviate from the above instructions, or appear to be dishonest in any way, your answer sheet will be declared null and void.
  17. You may not leave the classroom during the
  18. Hand your completed questionnaire and answer sheet to the instructor on completion of the
  19. Only one re-examination will be


  1. Practical Evaluations will be by appointment as indicated by the Instructor / Assessor.
  2. No Practical Evaluation will be done without completion of your Final Exams, Student Assignment / Formative Assessment.
  3. Instructors will indicate should there be a need to do a re-assessment on your Assessment / Final Exams. Re-assessment must be by appointment.


  1. Results will be available within two (2) weeks after you have written your final exams and practical evaluation was completed.
  2. Course Reports / Statement of Results will only be submitted to PSIRA/ PFTC when you passed your course & all payments have been made.
  3. Should you fail your Final Exams, you will be given one (1) more opportunity for a re-write at no charges but if you fail this again you will have to pay for a Full Course again.
  4. Should you fail your Practical Evaluation you will need to pay an amount set out in our brochure.

Submission of Results:

  1. NO Results be will send to PSIRA/ PFTC without a certified copy of your ID document.
  2. After submission of Results, Security Educational Systems will receive a Mail Number/ Statement of Results.
  3. No CERTIFICATE will be issued without a Mail number / Statement of Results.

Registration of Individuals:

  1. Students must ensure they register with the necessary entities.
  2. Security Educational Systems do offer registration with PSIRA to Students at a cost set out in our Brochure.
  3. Security Educational Systems DOES NOT take responsibility regarding registration and follow-up on these registrations.

Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act

  1. As per the POPI Act 4 of 2013, learners are required to provide Security Educational Systems with their individual ID numbers in order to facilitate the registration process with the necessary Entity.
  2. Security Education Systems reserves the right to notify all learners of new products and services; should learners wish to NOT receive these notifications; they must inform Security educational Systems as such in writing.

 Online Study Courses

  1. Learners are required to create a unique password when setting up their online course access account.
  2. Learners undertake to maintain their password secret, and accept that if their password is compromised, to reset their password at the earliest opportunity on the inkwetraining.co.za website.
  3. Learners agree not to plagiarise their work during the online learning process, and accept and understand that only their own efforts will be exercised throughout the course/s undertaken.
  4. Learners will receive a secure PDF format Learner Guide.
  5. The Learner Guide will be password protected.
  6. Learners will receive the password from Security Educational Systems upon Registration.
  7. Learners will be required to complete Self-Evaluation and Student Assignment Questions during their studies.
  8. These questions must be submitted to Security Education Systems with a pass-rate of a minimum of 80% per subject before learners will be allowed to write exams.
  9. Exam(s) may only be written on Security Educational Systems premises.

Class Attendance Courses

  1. Learners must adhere to the arranged and agreed class attendance dates.
  2. Learners must inform Security Educational Systems of all cancellations 24-hours in advance.
  3. It will then be the learner’s responsibility to re-schedule and book a new date with Security Educational Systems.
  4. Should learners neglect to inform Security Educational Systems of the above they will forfeit the costs of the course.
  5. Learners must adhere to the Class and Examination Rules.

Security Educational Systems cc will NOT be held responsible or liable for any Theft, Fraud or Injury that may occur or be committed by our employees regarding training material or payments made. Security Educational Systems cc reserves the Right to increase prices without any notice. Security Educational Systems reserves the Right of Access of Permission to our Property.