Our Story

Jan & Juliana Botha had a dream and that was to start their own Business in the Security Industry. After realising that the SAPS on their own did not have the necessary manpower to Serve & Protect both Civil Society & the Property and Goods of Companies, they started their own Security Company in 1998.

Jan managed the Training centre for the Security Officers whilst Juliana managed the Administrative Section. This is how Inkwe Security Systems was born. Inkwe registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and the Inkwe Training Centre was then issued with the Registration Number 394826/T501.

When Legislation was enforced that dictated that all Security Officers must pass a Competency Test which enabled them to follow a career in the Security Industry, “Security Educational Systems” was introduced as a Division of the Inkwe Training Centre, which offers a variety of Courses in the Security Industry as well as training people wanting a career in the Industry.

Security Educational Systems, of which Inkwe is one of the leaders in the development of study material, has also become a National Supplier of Security Educational Material to institutions including:

Numbers Speak

Students Trained: 10000
Since 2017